8-11-15 – XLA Announces New Systems Development Management Solution

BCAT Couples Successful Systems Delivery with Continuous Learning

Tysons Corner, Virginia (August 11, 2015) – Tysons Corner-based XLA today announced the launch of its new systems development lifecycle management solution – BCAT. Short for Business Capability Analysis and Training, BCAT has already proven to reduce rework in systems development projects, including development of back-office systems.

BCAT uses a reliable, repeatable process to help government staff successfully navigate the Investment Review Board (IRB) process by using its unique Investment Solution Framework to produce better documentation the first time, every time. The Framework helps government staff navigate systems development milestone gate reviews more efficiently and effectively, while receiving valuable practical instruction along the way.

“The value of XLA’s BCAT solution lies in the continuous instruction and coaching that our experts provide to government employees throughout the systems development process,” said Gary Slack, President of XLA. “BCAT leaves clients with the most valuable artifact of all – a well-schooled, continuous learning workforce.”

The BCAT Investment Solution Framework:

  • Integrates the needs of each stakeholder group into all artifacts throughout the IT investment lifecycle
  • Defines, describes, executes and defends needed investments in your unique business environment
  • Provides a support environment that guides your investment efforts to approval and completion with less rework, and offers side-by-side coaching at every stage of the process

“The BCAT solution is best suited to mid-sized back office systems development projects where government staff may be less-experienced in producing documentation for systems development projects,” Weber said. “Our team helped a DoD customer rework a failed IT business case – and in only 3 months the case was completely overhauled and sailed through the IRB. Our efforts helped systems engineers focus on what they do best – getting IT systems built and working.”

To learn more about BCAT and the Investment Solutions Framework, visit www.xla.com/BCAT or call (703) 848-0400.


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