Name of Contract:  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Business and Program Solutions for Law Enforcement (BAPSLE) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)

Contract #:  HSCEMS-14-A-00011

Scope:  XLA may provide the following services across ICE:  Law Enforcement Support Services (Alternatives to Detention Support Services; Detention Facility Capacity and Evaluation; Law Enforcement Database and Systems Management Support Services; Law Enforcement Field Office Support Services; and Law Enforcement Operational Planning, Reporting, and Support Services); Program Management Support Services (Certification, Training, and Accreditation Support; Program Support, Performance Management Support; Program Analysis and Reporting Support; Program Optimization and Planning; Implementation and Management Support; Program Planning and Deployment Support; Quality Management Support; and Risk Management Support); Business Management, Financial Management, and Acquisition Management Support Services (Acquisition Management Support; Business Process Optimization Strategy; Planning, Analysis, and Implementation Support; Clerical, Administrative, and Management Support; Financial Management Support; Technical Writing and Reporting Support).

Who can use:  All warranted ICE Contracting Officers are authorized to use the BAPSLE BPA

Contact Info:  Contracts@xla.com | 703.848.0400