Name of Contract: Environmental Protection Agency Information Technology Solutions – Business Information Strategic Support II

Contract #: EP-W-11-015

Scope: ITS-BISS II is the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) current Information Technology Solutions-Business Information Strategic Support vehicle. ITS-BISS II provides EPA with a range of Information Technology and Information Management (ITIM) technical and professional services. This contract supports EPA’s Office of Environmental Information (OEI) as well as the Agency’s National Program, Administrative, Regional, and Field Offices. It is OEI’s primary source of advice and assistance for ITIM Program and Compliance Support Services and is intended to fully support ITIM needs of any organization within the EPA. This vehicle supports the EPA in its mission to implement key ITIM federal statutes and policies including: the Clinger Cohen Act; Government Performance Results Act; Paperwork Reduction Act; Federal Information Security Management Act; and OMB Circulars. This contract vehicle also supports EPA’s information priorities including implementing enterprise information tools and services.

XLA supports Functional Area I: Integrated Program Support Services (or FA1). Included in this Functional Area are core ITIM services such as: Enterprise and IT Architecture; Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC); Program and Project Management; Information Security; Policy; and Capacity Planning. Other FA1 support services include Training, Communications, and Acquisition Support.

Who can use: All EPA offices

Contact info: Contracts@xla.com | 703.848.0400