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4-12-16 – XLA Launches New Website!

4-12-16 – XLA Launches New Website! XLA employees gathered April 12th, at the Kipton Hotel Monaco Washington D.C. in celebration of our brand new website!

The unveiling of the website included a social event with hors d’oeuvres as well as a presentation by our CEO, Gary Slack. XLA is proud to offer a more user friendly website where you are never more than two clicks away from your destination. The new website includes case studies and solutions which are high-quality, agile and cost effective solutions in response to client challenges. The website also has a tab for our “Gives Back” program, which includes pictures and a summary of our philanthropy events. Other sections will include contracts, an employee portal, insights (which will be our brand new blog), and much more! We are thrilled about our new website launch and the step forward we are taking. Please send us your feedback!