7-21-15 – XLA Announces New Expanded Reach for GlobalCorps Expertise

Tysons Corner, Virginia (July 21, 2015) – XLA announced today that it is expanding its GlobalCorps service offering to other Federal Government agencies and non-government organizations

GlobalCorps has been used by XLA to help the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) identify and acquire individual contract employees known as Personal Services Contractors (PSCs). XLA is now opening up its 20 years of PSC acquisition experience to other Federal agencies, and its community of specially-skilled people to non-government organizations who are seeking people with expertise in humanitarian assistance and international development.

There is no other company with XLA’s skills and experience in managing the entire Personal Services Contractor acquisition process. Government agencies with the authority to acquire PSCs generally do it so infrequently that it’s like writing with their opposite hand. No company knows PSCs like XLA knows PSCs, and we can make any agency’s PSC acquisition process more efficient.

XLA has built a 12,000-person community featuring individuals with specialized skills in Humanitarian Assistance and International Development. For any non-government organization seeking people for international development assignments, GlobalCorps is a ready resource to streamline its search process.

“With our 20 years of experience and our unique GlobalCorps community, XLA has the ability to reach potential candidates in the Humanitarian Assistance and International Development community better than anyone else.” Lloyd Mustin, Founder of XLA said. “We know where and how to identify these hard-to-find people, and we can add value to virtually any organization’s recruiting process in these specialized areas.”

The XLA GlobalCorps team has developed unique tools and templates that can help any government agency improve the efficiency of its PSC acquisition process.

To learn more about GlobalCorps, visit www.xla.com/globalcorps, or call (703) 848-0400.

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